All Girls Hour of Code (ages 9-12) Aug 16 @ Discover Coding HQ

  • Computer programming
Discover Coding HQ, 11232 163 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 1Y6, Canada
Aug 16 2021
Aug 20 2021
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Hour of Code

For kids ages 6 to 15.

Do you want to make your own programs, apps, and games? Join us to discover the super-power of CODING! This is a one-hour introductory program to show kids what coding is, what it looks like, and the basics of how create using code!

  • For ages 6-8, or 9-12, kids will use block-based, drag-and-drop coding tutorials to solve problems and build their own customized game that can even be shared with family and friends!
  • For ages 13-15, kids will be introduced to a “grown-up” language (requires typing!) and use an interactive notebook to apply logic and problem-solving skills to code their first “Python” programs.

Skill Level

Introduction to Coding! No prior experience needed!

About In-Person Classes

  • Check out our FAQ for details about class schedules and what to bring.
  • Read more about our in-person health and safety practices, including sanitation and physical distancing protocols.
  • Please note class times for full-day, in-person classes:
    • Starts at 9 am (8:30 am early drop off)
    • Ends at 4 pm (4:30 pm late pick up)

Class dates

08/16/2021, 08/17/2021, 08/18/2021, 08/19/2021, 08/20/2021

Registration period

Registration starts on 04/27/2021 and ends on 08/16/2021.


Discover Coding HQ, 11232 163 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 1Y6, Canada

Room: Ada