Minecraft PD Day Camp Sept 23

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Discover Coding HQ, 11232 163 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 1Y6, Canada
Sep 23 2019
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Guided Minecraft Camp for students ages 7-14 (Grades 2-8)


Is your child crazy for Minecraft? Or would like to learn how to play Minecraft?

This is a fun and educational Minecraft day camp designed to maximize collaboration between players.  Emphasis is placed on caring for other players, helping out and being a leader. Students will work in teams to:

  • Write code to create Minecraft mods
  • Design
  • Build
  • Test
  • Present
  • Reflect

Multiple skill levels are welcomed.  New/Intermediate players will start off in a tutorial section. Advanced players can take on leadership roles and more challenging objectives.

We have a balance of on-screen time and off-screen activities; including 1 hour of Taekwondo or Fortnite-themed hip-hop from Quantum Leap.

Past students are welcomed to join again to face different challenges and refine & advance their skills.


  • Class starts at 9:00 AM (early drop-off starting at 8:30 AM)
  • Class ends at 4:00 PM (late pick-up until 4:30 PM)



Participants must be 7 to 14 when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 08/01/2019 and ends on 09/22/2019.


Discover Coding HQ, 11232 163 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 1Y6, Canada
Program is frozen.