Digital Makers: Junior Writers Series A May 26

  • Creative Writing
Edmonton, AB, Canada
May 26 2020
Jun 12 2020
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Junior Writers Series A


Virtual classes for students ages 9 to 12 who are learning from home! Join us to learn how to use HTML and CSS to enhance creative writing!

 This is an instructor-led & curriculum-tied program that emphasizes how to use digital tools and coding to enhance their learning needs in core school subjects. In this session, we will focus on literacy and the creative writing process. Students will also explore safe digital citizenship concepts and the basics of making a web page to showcase their creative ideas to family and friends.

This is 6-session program that runs 2 times per week, for 3 weeks.


Why attend a virtual class with Discover Coding?

  • Small group of 4-6 students

  • Led by Discover Coding Teachers

  • Tied to Alberta Program of Studies

  • Cross curricular education combining literacy and digital literacy


  • Students must have access to a computer with internet access.

  • Students must have an email address

For more information about online learning with Discover Coding, please visit:

*Please Note* All times listed are Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

Class dates

05/26/2020, 05/28/2020, 06/02/2020, 06/04/2020, 06/09/2020, 06/11/2020

Registration period

Registration starts on 05/07/2020 and ends on 05/26/2020.


Edmonton, AB, Canada
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