Code Builders @ Ecole La Mission

  • Computer programming
École La Mission, 46 Heritage Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 7J5, Canada
Jan 08 2020
Mar 18 2020
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Class dates

01/08/2020, 01/15/2020, 01/22/2020, 01/29/2020, 02/05/2020, 02/12/2020, 02/19/2020, 02/26/2020, 03/04/2020, 03/18/2020


This program is only offered to students attending Ecole La Mission.


This programs is for students ages 9 to 14, who have mastered concepts from Code Explorers.  Kids are ready to create more complex games and projects with gamification and collaboration.

Some of the many coding concepts students will learn include:

  • More complex conditionals and loops
  • Lists
  • Functions
  • Pen interaction
  • Video motion
  • How to incorporate projectile items or gravity in their games
  • Gamification & game-design elements
  • Physical programming with the Raspberry Pi
  • Typing basics

Students just come with prepared to learn, code and create.  All technology will be provided.

** Parents, please ensure you pick up your child by 5:00 pm at the very latest.

Returning students from our summer and after-school programs will be challenged to build on their existing knowledge and projects with more advanced concepts.

** Note: There is no class on March 11, 2020


Participants must be entering grades 4 to 6.

Registration period

Registration starts on 11/11/2019 and ends on 01/28/2020.


École La Mission, 46 Heritage Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 7J5, Canada

Room: Rm 131 (Mme E. Moquin's room)

Registration is expired.